Cherished Craftsmanship

Established in 2014, Cherwell, has fast become the leading UAE based firm for exquisite joinery, cabinetry, case goods and bespoke furniture. Over the past decade Cherwell have combined the expertise of our highly qualified multi-national staff to deliver high-end, innovative, and unique projects for our clients. Specialising in the luxury residential market and design driven commercial projects, our work has consistently delivered record breaking property values for their clients and awardwinning fit outs.

What We Do

Cherwell work on both residential and commercial projects and have in-house
specialists for every stage. From design, approvals processes, technical drawing, material
selection, manufacture and implementation we are happy to tailor our services to each


Cherwell are able to offer full design services for projects with our team of architects and interior designers. We offer design packages to suit each project and budget and can take care of any aspect of the design and specification works.


It’s the finer details that make our kitchens unique and distinguish them as being truly bespoke. Each kitchen is designed, made, assembled and finished within our Dubai factory using only the finest materials.


One of the most common areas to want to improve is bathrooms. We can take care of every element of a refurbishment, the layout and plan, plumbing and electrics, tiling and sanitaryware.

Bespoke Kitchens

Dressing Rooms

It’s the finer details that make our hand made kitchens unique and distinguish them as being truly bespoke.

Handmade Bathrooms

Internal Joinery

Bespoke bathroom furniture and vanities can also be designed and made to any style.

Flooring And Stairs

Whilst traditional marble and tiled floors are still very popular, Cherwell also offer beautiful European engineered wooden flooring and stunning laminates that can create the warmth and effect of a wooden floor.

Bespoke Furniture

We make bespoke furniture for every room of the house, beds, sofas, tables and chairs, desks and shelving each piece is designed with imagination and passion and built with dedication.

Soft Furnishings

Our in-house upholstery team add the final touches to many of our projects. Expertly finishing the custom-made furniture or making and installing curtains, blinds and accessories.

Specialist Metalwork

A key factor in the creation of beautiful bespoke pieces is the ability to control the quality of each element.

Windows & Doors

Amongst our preferred suppliers we have identified an excellent provider of custom-made windows and doors of the highest standard. UK made sliding and bi-fold doors made to the best quality

Complete Home Makeovers

Incorporating all our strengths mean we are often employed to deliver a complete project.

Exterior Works And Structures

Cherwell manufacture high-quality hardwood structures for outdoor use, pergolas, seating or pathways.

Commercial Spaces

With a strong understanding of the pressures of running a business, we appreciate the importance of delivering fit-out projects in a timely fashion.

Special Projects

Our family business grew out of a love of all things play and we have a great deal of experience creating safe, exciting areas for playcentres and schools.


Whether we are working directly with an individual or with architects and interior designers ensure we offer all our clients the same high level of service. We believe communication is key, we don’t over-promise and will always seek to exceed expectations. Our repeat customers are a testament to our inclusive working practices and friendly professional approach.


Whilst our track record and quality speak for themselves, clients are welcome to visit our showrooms and production facility to see examples of our work and a carefully curated library of materials and finishes for their projects. Our purpose-built facility houses all of our production departments as well as our showrooms, design teams, and management so every element remains carefully monitored. Cherwell management remains very attentive to every aspect of a project striving to constantly evolve and improve our service.


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